EVE-Scout Research Component Deposit Service

Starting January 27th, Signal Cartel’s Director of Special Research, capsuleer Eve Scout, will accept contracts from capsuleers that are entrusting their Research Components to the EVE-Scout Research Component Deposit Service. All Research Components will be secured in EVE-Scout Enclave’s vaults. Should capsuleers concerns be addressed by Upwell’s managers, Ms. Scout will transfer the Research Component inventory to Upwell Consortium’s agent no later than February 9th.

Raffle Details

EvE-Scout Enclave has established a fund of 6 PLEX to compensate capsuleers for their submissions. At the conclusion of the Upwell’s research race, we will distribute the fund as follows:

  • One PLEX for the top contributing corporation
  • One PLEX for the top contributing individual
  • One PLEX each to four contributors randomly drawn from a pool entries. Each Research Component submitted will qualify as an entry for this drawing. Example: 100 Research Components qualify the contributor for 100 entries to the pool.

Where to find Research Components

  • Any Serpentis Data or Relic exploration sites (including Ghost/Covert Data sites)
  • Purchase them off the market in every trade hub - Sell prices are around 4 million ISK
  • Off the wrecks of explorers you catch in your gate camps

How to submit Research Components

  • We will be accepting contracts through Februrary 8th.
  • Contract all Research Components to the capsuleer “Eve Scout”, Signal Cartel’s Director of Special Research.
  • Contracts can be submitted from any station in New Eden.
  • Multiple contracts can be submitted during the inquiry.
  • Be sure to verify that the recipient of the contract is the capsuleer “Eve Scout”. A recent employee photo is included below.
  • EvE-Scout Enclave members and their relatives are NOT eligible for rewards.

Eve Scout Portrait

Step-by-step Contract Guide

Contract Step 1

Contract Step 2

Contract Step 3

Contract Step 4